We are located at:
553 South Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94086-6117
Telephone: (408)730-4710
Fax (408)730-8215

We prefer that all clients make an appointment.  The reason for this is that, an office in which there are no visible clients doesn’t mean we’re not working for someone.  A typical legal brief may take me from 4-6 hours in research and writing.  Even though I know the law, the courts require me to explicitly explain it to them in terms of prior court decisions.  This takes time, and I am very focused on that research.

So, if I’m interrupted, I may lose an important legal point for a client.  Bottom line, please let me know you’re coming.

Email is a great method for non-urgent questions.  I try to respond to every one I get.

Email:  julian@julianslaw.com

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