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June 1, 2006    We are delighted to announce that Julian's grandson, Alexander Cheij, has been admitted to the U.S. Naval Academy.  Upon completion of the four-year program, Alex will receive a commission as an Officer of the United States of America.  Congratulations, Alex!

JJune 1, 2008  Alex has finished his first year with flying colors and is enthusiastic about his future serving the United States of America.  Here’s a picture of him in uniform.
December 29, 2008  Alex and his friends attend the  All Academy Ball.  Leave it to those Navy guys!

Hey!  It’s the girls’ turn!  Julian’s granddaughter, Gabriella Cheij has signed a letter of intent with the NCAA.  She is a volleyball champion!  Check out the write-up and the signing picture.



SCA senior Gabby Cheij to sign NCAA letter of intent


Senior Gabby Cheij will take what she learned on the SCA court with her as she plays Division II volleyball at Mount Olive College in North Carolina next fall.


Gabby will sign her NCAA letter of intent on Wednesday, April 14 at 3:30 p.m. in the SCA library. She was a starter on the varsity team at SCA for two years, and her senior year she was team captain and named to the Division II All Region team.


Head volleyball coach Maggie Kuyper is proud of Gabby's efforts.


"I am so proud of Gabby's hard work here at SCA and in the off-seasons," Coach Kuyper said. "She the strong drive and work ethic necessary to play at the next level, and I know she will be very successful." Coach Kuyper also played for Mount Olive for two years.


The entire SCA community is invited to attend the letter signing and show support for Gabby.