Legal Philosophies

Approach to legal problems.  We believe that legal problems should be approached in a positive and realistic manner.  We want you to understand the favorable and problematic aspects of your case and understand the realistic remedies for your legal problem.

Litigation.  We believe that litigation should be considered only if there are no reasonable options.  Law is sophistry.  When a legal problem is placed in the hands of the court, the outcome is never certain.  Whenever possible, we prefer negotiated solutions that balance the equities in the legal situation.  The courts can never understand the situation as well as do the participants.

Commitment to Clients.  We understand the emotional underpinnings of legal problems.  You may be experiencing anger, frustration, fear, depression, anxiety; emotions that sometimes seem to overwhelm your ability to view a problem realistically.  We commit the time to help you work through these emotions to find a practical and useful solution.