The reason I’m in private practice is that I get to do what’s interesting.  We don’t specialize in anything in particular, but have been involved in a large number of areas of law.  I’ll dress up this page later, but these are the ones we get involved with most often.
Taxes:  We do taxes of all kinds from the simplest personal returns to complex partnership, limited liability companies, and corporations.  Click here for more information.
Agency Law:  Dealing with federal and state agencies can be a real problem.  Whether it’s the IRS, the FTB, the EDD, or some other bureaucracy, we can help.  Click here for more information.
Estates:  You may need a will or trust, or help with an estate of someone who is deceased.  We provide support aimed at the level you need.  Click here for more information.
Bankruptcy:  Sometimes the unexpected happens and you are just overwhelmed by debt.  Bankruptcy is one alternative.  There are others.  Click here for more information.
Other Support:  We can help with family law problems, civil litigation, real estate disputes, conservatorships, and many other legal problems.  Contact us to discuss your case and we will try to help you or find someone who can.